About Us


ArtsOfNepal.com is a portal that brings the finest quality of Nepali paintings and sculptures. Our main goal is to promote Nepali art and provide the best product online in affordable and reasonable prices to our valued customers.

Nepal is known for its rich culture, art and history throughout the world. Known as a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions, it has to offer amazing variety of Nepali paintings and sculptures. However, the creators of these amazing products remain in dark, unknown to the outside world. Our main goal is to bring out the hidden talents out of the closet, while appreciating and respecting their work. ArtsOfNepal.com will provide individual space/page for each artist with his/her biography and work listing.

Established as a brainchild of two art lovers, we believe that ArtsOfNepal.com will be the platform for these hidden talents to express their ideas, feelings and work to the outside world.

At ArtsOfNepal.com, you will find both the perfect finishing touch for your personal style and the perfect gift for your special someone!