Amogha Bir Bajracharya

Amogha Bir Bajracharya born in 1978 to Bajaracharya(Buddhist priest) family did his BA in Arts in 2007. He has also done post graduate diploma in Buddhist studies and Masters in Sociology. He started his Paubha painting career from 1998 and to his credit has many exhibitions in Kathmandu. He also participated in the refurbishing of wall paintings of the "Golden Temple" of Patan and Dharmachakra Monastery of Siddhipur under Lok Chitrakar's direction.

  • Bachelor in Arts(B.A)
  • Master in Sociology (running)
  • 2000 - Group Exhibition at Aksheshwor Mahabihar
  • 2004 – National Art Exhibition in Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA)
  • 2005 – Group Exhibition at Royal Nepal Academy
  • 2005 -  Group Exhibition at Aksheshwor Mahabihar
  • 2005 - National Art Exhibition in NAFA
  • 2008 – Group exhibition at Nepal Art Council
  • 2008 -  Group exhibition at NAFA
  • 2009 – Group exhibition at Patan Museum
  • 2010 – Group exhibition in Moscow
  • 2010 – Group exhibition in Kennesaw State University U.S.A.

Other works

  • Wall painting in Golden Temple, Patan
  • Wall painting in Dharmachakra Monastery, Siddhipur, Patan
  • Wall painting in Rudra Varna Mahavihar, Okubahal, Patan

Private collection

  • Japan, Australia, Nepal

Amogha Bir Bajracharya
Date of Birth : 1979-12-30

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