Prabesh K. Shrestha

Born in the heart of Nepal, and as an individual from the Newar community, my purpose for development has drifted me away from my roots. My belief on artist influence, fabricates through experience and the surrounding environment. Through my grateful opportunity of education from India and the United States of America, a culmination of environmental experiences and study of Art History and Art Media has helped me to bring about a form of unique works different to the general theme of artworks predominant in Nepal. With regards to “appropriation” and “post-impressionism” and traditional methods of (Print Media) Lithography, Relief, Screen Print, Etching, Collage etc. to my later works of computer generated works, my objective is to bring about a new concept and expand the horizon of Nepalese Art community. 

  • Welham Boys' School, Dehradun (1992 – 2004)
  • Purdue University, Indiana, USA (2004-2008)

  •  1st Solo Exhibition: Titled “Visions” - 2004
  • Group exhibition: Titled "Collectivley Speaking" - 2008

Prabesh K. Shrestha
Date of Birth : 1985-10-03

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