Krishna Devi Maharjan(puja)

Women are beautiful creation of the nature; they have soft and flexible in appearance. We can compare them with the rhythmic bolt lines, in sense of their feelings, ability, and desire. I have tried to depict those impressions of female, through rhythmic bolt lines in my composition of paintings. In such a way, I have tried to show different aspect and activities of female in dramatic way, which is common in many social and private act of their life. 

  • MFA, central department of fine arts, TU, Kirtipur, Nepal
  • 2nd prize Tempus open art competition -2007, org. by- Tempus International
  • 2nd prize in poster competition- women violence-2009, org. by- Jagaran Nepal and UNIFEM Nepal
  • 3rd prize in logo competition on the accusation of world environment day -2010, org. by college of applied science, Nepal

Krishna Devi Maharjan(puja)
Date of Birth : 1982-07-12

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