Sheelasha Rajbhandari

I believe that even though things evolve and change shape, the essential element remains the same. My art works depict various shapes that are connected with each other because of the omnipresent element that energizes everything. Thus to understand this phenomena, I prefer to experiment with various objects, materials and techniques in my art. I am interested in exploring the deep, abstract, subtle and hidden side of things. In this process I also explore  multiple  layers of my consciousness, my memories , my ignorance , my instincts . I try to understand myself then locate myself in the surroundings.  Art also comes as a responsibility to me. Here art becomes a medium to observe and be observed, to communicate and express, to judge and critique, to satire and improvise   or simply to heal others and be healed. 

  • Masters in Fine Arts (running) , Tribhuvan University .
  • Bachelor  in Fine Arts, Kathmandu University Center for Art and Design.
  • 1st prize for sculpture in National art competition, organized by National Art Academy, 2011
  • 3rd prize for painting in open art competition organized by Alfresko Magazine, 2008
  • 1st prize for sculpture  in open art competition organized by Juddha Kala, 2004
  • 1st prize for painting in National student art competition, 2003

Sheelasha Rajbhandari
Date of Birth : 1988-06-05

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