Akasha Yogini

Akasha Yogini by Deepak Kumar Joshi
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By Deepak Kumar Joshi
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Year: 1991
Size: 17.00 x 21.00 in
Material: Paper
Medium: Stone color
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Akasha Yogini represents the liberated non dependent spirit of creative female energy. The fetter of the male reproductive fertilising function, i.e. the need for male potency is absolutely removed & surpassed. This principle of unfettered creative freedom is especially expressed in the strewn & decapitated male penises, the defiant uninhibited presentation of the female vagina & the special knife called a ‘Kartika’ symbolising the severance of worldly material bonds.

Her threatening Tarjani hand gesture [Skt. Mudra] shows her magical resoluteness is made by raising the index and the little finger & folding the other fingers usually around an object. Here she holds a knife called a Kartika and symbolises the severance of worldly material restrictions. This mudra is also known as Karana mudra. The word Kartika comes from the name ‘Kartikay’ which is the name of Lord Shiva's Son.  Her right hand pours self rejuvenating uterine blood into her mouth from a skullcap [Skt. Kapala].  There is a majic staff [Skt. katvanga] leaning against shoulder with has three heads. The first head is a fresh severed, the second in decay and a third white skull. Adorned with a tiara of skulls and gold, jewel and bone ornaments she wears a necklace of skulls and a bone apron.

Akash yogini wears a set of six bone ornaments, including the apron, worn by certain Tantric deities, symbolize the six perfections [Skt. Paramitas] necessary for the attainment of enlightenment. The bone apron is also occasionally worn ritualyl to vivify Tantric practitioners symbolising the release of attachment to the limitations of the human body. The small medallions on the net-like skirt, interspersed with strands of plain beads represent lotuses. Like all other tantric deities she is shown above a lotus flower which rises from the mud and unknowingly breaks the surface of the water into the sun and air.

Aksasha is a Sanskrit word meaning spirit (ether) or sky; a Yogini is a female practitioner of Yoga.  Akash Yogini is quite literally a skywalking practitioner of higher yoga with a steadfast mind cultivated by the disciplined pursuit of transcendence through Yoga. She is also a Dakini in the highest tantric sense. Red in colour Akasha-Yogini surrounded by an aureole composed of tongues of protective tantric flame and looks up to the pure realm called Khechara.  In Sanskrit ‘kha’ means blue ether, heaven, sky and ‘chara’ means wanderer or goer. This is in the sense of someone who can leave their physical body and go to other places in his mayavirupa. The body of the Yogi becomes as one formed of the wind as 'a cloud from which limbs have sprouted out,' after which the Yogini beholds the things beyond the seas and stars; they hears the language of the Devas and comprehends it, and perceives what is passing in the mind of the ant'.

Akash yogini has freed herself from a dependence on the material world and subjugated men shown by the knife her in her left hand, the self rejuvenating blood she drinks and the strewn penis’ & skulls scattered on the ground. Akash Yogini represents the feminine principle of wisdom and lives in the realm of self confidence unfettered freedom. Despite appearing threatening she is a very positive personage. Akasha is connected to the Throat chakra.

Note: Please note that the actual colors of the Painting may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Painting.

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Deepak Kumar Joshi
Date of Birth : 1963-05-18

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