Manjushree by Lok Chitrakar
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Code: #LC20
By Lok Chitrakar
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Size: 25.00 x 27.00 in
Material: Canvas
Medium: Stone color
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About Manjushree

Manjushree is the embodiment of wisdom, an aspect of enlighten mind, and manifested in different forms in order to benefit all of the sentient beings of this world. Manjushree has several names such as Manjuvajra, Manjughosa, Dharmadhatu Vagisvara and so forth, when painted in single faced position, symbolizes, his non-dual-nature of real - wisdom, he holds flaming sword marked by the crescent moon known as Candrahasa Khadga in his right hand in order to symbolize the - execution of the of root cause of delusion. He holds the sacred scripture "Prajnaparamita" (perfection of wisdom) on his left hand. He is sometimes shown mounted on the snow-lion in some exceptions is found seated on the full blossomed lotus in the vajraparyanka asana posture.

Manjushree is evoked by reciting his mantra viz. OM A RA PA CA NA DHIH, in order to increase the intellect and ability to discriminate correct views of reality as it is.

This form of Manjushree has exceptionally very special relationship with the Buddhism of - Kathmandu valley. According to the Swayambhu Purana, Manjushree is the chief architect of Kathmandu valley, who manages to habilited and established the tradition of the tibeto-burmese dialect speaking inhabitant's culture by making a pass way outlet of water once filled in this valley. He is associated with the Swayambhu legend- while the Kathmandu valley was full of water tank it was known as "Nag Hrad" (Serpent's tank). Manjushree Bodhisattva came from Mahachin (China) with his consorts Kesi and Upakesini and stayed on Mahamandap (a hill top near Bhaktapur) and saw the illumination of valley. He built a town called Manju Pattan and then installed a king named by Dharmakar and himself returned to China. Sometimes after this, some disciples of Manjushree built the Manjushree Chaitya ( Stupa) near the Swayambhu stupa to worship Manjushree - in connection with Swayambhu.

A great ceremony also takes place at Manjushree stupa at Swayambhunath on Sri- panchami-maghsudi (Jan-25) the anniversary of its building.

Note: Please note that the actual colors of the Painting may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Painting.

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Lok Chitrakar
Date of Birth : 1961-03-25

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